I'm having an issue I've hit a wall on, I'm hoping someone else has encountered. I am running selenium/splinter tests on a VM with Chromedriver installed. When I open the webpage on the VM with Chrome the WebGL objects work, when I watch the script run via selenium, the WebGL objects error.

So far I have checked the Chrome settings in chrome://flags/ and everything is enabled. I've updated my chromedriver. What are some other potential things I might check out? I haven't been able to reproduce this issue on my local machine.

The error I'm getting is:

WebGL not enabled

where the WebGL object would normally be displayed. Which WebGL is enabled when opened via the browser.


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You need to verify webgl is activated. Type on chrome address bar:
You should see:

enter image description here

If not, follow this steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Type chrome://flags in the address bar
  3. Press Ctrl + f and type ” Rendering list “, “Override software rendering list” should come up, Now click on Enable and restart the browser
  4. Completely kill Chrome: Type killall chrome into a console.
  5. Go to chrome://settings and enable Use hardware acceleration when available. By default it is off since version 43

You might have to run Chrome using a profile (set the capabilities when defining your WebDriver). I had to do that to get the DRM component to work.

Note: This will not work if any Chrome process is currently running. Be sure to close all Chrome processes before running your test(s) and only run 1 test at a time on any one machine (no parallel runs on one machine).

C# Code:

// Create an options object to specify command line arguments for the Chrome web driver
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
// Use a real profile so that all components load
string localAppData = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("LocalAppData");
options.AddArgument(@"user-data-dir=" + localAppData + @"\Google\Chrome\User Data\");
// Allow components to update (some components will not load if out of date)
// Disable extensions (optional, not needed to set/use a profile)

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