Application object is not defined after closing and opening again. There are no runtime errors but all actions performed under object in application can not force it to act, e.g.:


the object workersJavaTree does not exist anymore.


After reopening the object in application UFT object should be reinitialized:


And then all actions under the object are performed well.

Hierarchical structure while initializing

If there are several objects that are reloaded/reopened (e.g. reload a form with several fields & controls) you should init() the top-most one. And all children after that are available. Chech the next picture:

enter image description here

You should only do object_3.init(), after that you can start with object_5.doSomething().

Timer after initialization

Sometimes object is not seen right after the initialization, so I have created custom init() function with check that object already exists:

' customized initialization of reloaded/reopened object
Function customizedInit(object, timeToWait, details)
    isInitialized = False
    If NOT(object.Exist(timeToWait)) Then
        ReportAndLogFailWithScreenshot "Initialized object was not found in " & timeToWait & " seconds", details
        isInitialized = False
        isInitialized = True
    End If

    customizedInit = isInitialized
End Function

Attention: in this function you should use the object that would be used in action not the top-most.

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