In order to test an electron application. How does one use selenium to identify its elements or using F12 dev tools? As in order to write a selenium script one would have to identify the elements initially. How do I decompose an electron application to view its elements? Suggestions?


For this question, it depends on which webdriver Selenium is using. I am testing with Spectron based on Electron, but my elements are identified by webdriver IO.

To reach an element you can use the id, class, CSS or xPath

Next up I can get an element and do whatever I want with it

browser.element(selector); // Default
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If that doesnt work read, "How to make developer tools appear".

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If you are using WebdriverJS, then you need to run ./node_modules/.bin/chromedriver in this step.

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  • I already know this. In order to know what elements for automated testing when writing the script in either webdriver or selenium is what I am looking to find out. – sNewbie Jan 8 '17 at 0:31

I have followed the documentation at https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/using-selenium-and-webdriver and I was able to capture the elements.

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