I am using Appium to automate all my test cases related to IOS device using Java, Logs are currently displayed on Appium app itself. I want to save them in a text file so that i can check error after it finishes tests.

What I had tried:
1. I tried to use log4j, but it seems working with java console only not Appium.
2. I tried to use field available in Appium itself, but if i use it Appium do no start and shows undefined error, on research i find nobody uses that feature.

So I am not sure if we can do this or not. Any help is appreciated.


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Use --log command line option.

The appium command will take a --log option that allows you to specify where the log file should be written to, like this:

appium --log appium.log

This will cause the logs to be written to ./appium.log.

Note: logs will also still be written to stdout. To send the stdout logs to a file instead, you could probably use something like this:

appium > appium.log

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