Bit of a weird one but I need to test a specific page on a site - Does anyone know of a web site or tool somewhere that i can provide the exact url to and it hit the site say 200 times or something along those lines?

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If you want to do performance tester, selenium is not the right tool. Selenium is for functional or end-to-end tests.

For test performance there are tools like jMeter or Gatling that was built for this purpose.


There are many tools for loading websites. From command line tools like cURL, web testing tools like the well-known Selenium to web macro recorders like Kantu with record and replay features and a "Loop" button to load a website periodically.

All these tools can load a website. However, there is a difference: Kantu and Selenium use real web browser (e. g. Chrome) to load a website, whereas a command line tool like cURL does not. This might be important if you also want to run Javascript on the website.


I've used WinTask for this.

As a routine part of my regression testing, I compare a list of pages on one site to the same pages on another site.

I wrote a quick WinTask script that takes a list or URLs from a file and compares each page in turn. It then logs any difference found.

Pretty simple stuff.

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