There is a toolbar in the java application with buttons: ..., security, tools, login, logout.

java toolbar

UFT object spy can reach down to a certain button, but in script (descriptive programming) UFT can only see JavaToolbar.

nowYouSeeMe = JavaWindow("label:=WinTitle").JavaToolbar("attached text:=ToolbarName").Exist(0)    'True
nowYouDoN_t = JavaWindow("label:=WinTitle").JavaToolbar("attached text:=ToolbarName").JavaButton("label:=logout").Exist(0)    'False

So I can not get property, e.g. enabled, of a certain button. Just can press it like:

JavaWindow("label:=WinTitle").JavaToolbar("attached text:=ToolbarName").Press "logout"

Is there any possibility to get property of a button? (Guess it should be the same like in JavaMenu, get property of menu item)

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GetItemProperty([item], [property]) method is used to check property of JavaToolbar item. E.g.:

enabledProp = JavaWindow("label:=WinTitle").JavaToolbar("attached text:=ToolbarName").GetItemProperty("logout", "enabled")

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