How to long press on android record button(during chat) for a particular time duration in appium test, by java. I have tried 3 ways but all are not working, those are:

Way 1:

By pressRecBtn = By.id("recorderButton");
int x = 353;  // x coordinate of device screen, get it after enabling the Show touch and Pointer location from developer option 
int y = 980; // same as x
int timeInMs = 4000;

Action.longPress(driver.findElement(pressRecBtn)).longPress(x, y, timeInMs).perform();

Way 2:

By pressRecBtn = By.id("recorderButton");
int timeInMs = 4000;


for this way it's pressed on record button but for a default time(>=1000 MS).

Way 3:

By pressRecBtn = By.id("recorderButton");


This way also working same as way 2.

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Its working cool!!

By tapOnRecIcon = By.id("btnRecord");    
int timeInMs = 4000;
TouchAction touchAction = new TouchAction((MobileDriver) driver);


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