How to Use Http request/JSON extractor(using Jmeter Variable) in Jmeter with Response assertion(using Jmeter Variable). better to provide with Example?

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For example you have the following response:

JSON Response

And you need to extract John from it.

  1. Add JSON Extractor Post Processor
  2. Configure it as follows:

    • Reference Name: anything meaningful, i.e. name
    • JSON Path Expressions: $.name

      JSON Extractor example configuration

  3. That's it, you now have ${name} JMeter Variable with the value of John

    Variable from JSON Response

If now you want to validate its value you can add a Response Assertion and configure it like:

  • Apply to -> JMeter Variable -> name
  • Pattern Matching Rules: Equals
  • Patterns to Test: John

Response assertion for a JMeter Variable

  • Excellent.... !!. I hope this will help to other Jmeter learners as well. cheers..!
    – lak
    Feb 10, 2017 at 16:31

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