I have tests written in Sahi format. I want to convert them to test them using functional testing module of intern.js

Is it possible to convert the tests written in Sahi format to format that intern.js can understand?

Are there any tools or libraries available for the same? I could not find anything on the net or in any other questions.


Probably not, as not many people switch testing frameworks.

I haved used some test-migrators between xUnit test-frameworks, but in the end migration by hand was easier. Because in my case I used some features that didn't exist in the other framework.

Possible strategies:

  • 100-200 tests: Migrate by hand, test by test
  • Thousands of tests: Write your own migrator (first migrate some tests by hand ;-)
  • Keep the old tests and only write new tests in the new framework, slowly migrating tests as you see fit.

Probably I would pick the first or the last option. I do not see a lot of trouble with supporting two frameworks for a while. First you have to learn the new framework. After some weeks migration might be much easier and less frustrating.

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