I have taken two outputs which are IList<IWebElement> type from the UI and the Database. So now i need to compair the two IList<IWebElement> . Im using nunit. How to perform this.

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You need to provide an IEqualityComparer that implements the Equals and the GetHashCode methods according to your logic of comparison.

class WebElementEqualityComparer : IEqualityComparer<IWebElement>
    public bool Equals(IWebElement w1, IWebElement w2)
        return true; //put your comparison logic here
    public int GetHashCode(IWebElement wx)
        int hCode = 1111; //put your logic of creating a hash code from your IWebElement here
        return hCode.GetHashCode();

Then you can use the above newly created comparer as below:

IList<IWebElement> db = ...// your IList comming from DB
IList<IWebElement> ui = ...// your IList comming from UI
// assert this value is true
Assert.IsTrue(db.SequenceEqual(ui, new WebElementEqualityComparer()));
// or false as expected
Assert.IsFalse(db.SequenceEqual(ui, new WebElementEqualityComparer()));

I hope it helps.

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