I'm implementing an automated testing system the stb-tester ONE. I've been able to run tests automatically using the REST API and now I'm implementing the Test Reporting module.

I want to be able to download the test results for a test-job in CSV format so I can feed it into my reporting system. For each test I want Test run ID, test case name, start timestamp, duration, result (pass/fail/error), failure reason (that is, the exception that was raised or the assertion that failed).

Can you give me an example of how to do this from Python?

Disclaimer: I work on stb-tester and am an employee of stb-tester.com Ltd. This is a sanitised version of a question we've previously received through other support channels published here in an effort to seed a stb-tester support community on stackexchange.

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The stb-tester ONE provides an http REST API for retrieving test results which is documented here. In particular you will be interested in test-results endpoints:

Here's an example of using these APIs with Python requests to get the results from a test job into a CSV file called results.csv:

stb_tester_one_hostname = "stb-tester-one-c03fd562ae33"
out_csv_filename = "results.csv"
job_uid = "/stb-tester-one-example/0a23/972"

import csv
import requests

# https://stb-tester.com/manual/rest-api#get-list-of-results-for-a-job
url = "http://{hostname}/api/v1/jobs/{job_uid}/results".format(
    hostname=stb_tester_one_hostname, job_uid=job_uid)
results = requests.get(url).json()

writer = csv.writer(open(out_csv_filename, "w"))
writer.writerow(["result_id", "job_uid", "result_url", "start_time",
                 "end_time", "test_pack_sha", "test_case", "result",
for testrun in results:

Disclaimer: I work on stb-tester and am an employee of stb-tester.com Ltd.

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