I'm using Selenium WebDriver to automate testing, but I'm encountering issues when I try to code the login. The authentication is acting as an alert in Firefox, not as a window, which means that I can't access the username and password fields. How do I handle this so I can access the fields?

I'm using Selenium 3, Java 8 and Firefox 46 on a Linux virtual machine. Unfortunately, I can't post any code per my company's policy.

  • As you can't paste code it's difficult for me to know what's actually happening. At first glance to me it sounds like Firefox asks for basic authentication? I mean it's not really part of the website your testing, is it?
    – user1130
    Feb 28 '17 at 7:08

If you can try with firefox version 47+ as Selenium 3 is supported with later version from v47. Here is the link for reference

Hope the below solution can help you with Authentication Alert box -

using "selenium.security.UserAndPassword" library

UserAndPassword uAp = new UserAndPassword(userName, password);


alert.authenticateUsing(new UserAndPassword(userName, password));

Reference StackExchange here


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