I'm using Jmeter in remote env.(1manager server, 3-5 querying servers, 1 target server). I have fixed EPS/QPS and threads(gradually increasing up to a certain value). I want to know if there is any parameter/plug-in that I can use to get the total number of requests sent to target server and the total number of requests (actually)received by the target server.

PS: If anyone has any other such comments/situations related to this, please share.

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If you are testing a JMS-based system it should be possible to get such information via JMX. I believe that all Java MQ implementations should expose some form of statistics via JMX (i.e. JMSServerMBean for WebLogic) or so you will be able to use JConsole to explore the metrics.

Once you figure out the required endpoints you can make the collection unattended using JMXMon Plugin. The plugin can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager

JMeter Plugins Manager

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