I am new to testing, and I am trying to understand the basics.

I have some questions listed below.

  1. Are Selenium and TestNG the same?
  2. If they are different than how?
  3. What are Selenium, Webdriver, and TestNG, and why are they used? I don't understand the difference between these tools

First, talk a look at this question. The answers cover the difference between Selenium and TestNG fairly well.

A very basic explanation for you:

  • Selenium is an API (application programming interface) to interact with web pages. It defines objects and methods to interact with different browsers.
  • Webdriver or Selenium Webdriver is one of the two main flavors of Selenium (the other is the Selenium IDE, which is no longer in development). Webdriver is exactly what it says: a way to drive web applications/web pages using the Selenium objects and methods.
  • TestNG is one of the many testing frameworks that use Selenium Webdriver and add wrappers and reporting. Which framework you choose depends on your language preferences and how well the framework supports the application/web site you are testing.

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