how can i get the value "2017-03-11T04:50" from the below html using selenium webdriver.

<div class="game-date-time">
  <span data-date="2017-03-11T04:50Z" data-behavior="date_time">
  <span class="time game-time" data-dateformat="time1" data-showtimezone="true">10:20 AM IST</span>
  <span class="game-date" data-dateformat="date12">11 March 2017</span>

Thanks in Advance

  • Ravi, have you got chance to try the solution provided?
    – Rao
    Commented Mar 17, 2017 at 4:05

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Your div text does not provide value in the format as you mentioned ("2017-03-11T04:50")

To just get the value you can use xpath. Then you can parse the string to eliminate "Z". (if that is what you are looking for)

//get the attribute value first.

String date = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//div[@class='game-date-time']/span[@data-behavior='date_time']")).getAttribute("data-date");

// parsing for'z'.

String parts[] = date.split("z");

// to get fist portion.

String dateParsed = parts[0]; //which should be "2017-03-11T04:50"

It's may be late but recently I was attempting to get the values by div class name but I tried all solutions available but then I found following is currently works perfect if you want to select by class name which is a div class.


for this example it would be


In the code below, I have used xpath to find the element you want and have called getAttribute() method to get the attribute value of the tag.

String value = driver.findElement(By.xpath(".//div[@class='game-date-time']/span[@data-behavior='date_time']")).getAttribute("data-date");


String date = value.substring(0,value.length()-1);

You can simple get it by using below statement:

The xpath part gets the data string and removes Z, all in single statement.

String dateString = driver.findElement(By.xpath("substring-before(//div[@class='game-date-time']/span[@data-behavior='date_time']/@data-date,'Z')"));
System.out.println("Date string :"+dateString);

Online demo for the xpath


You can retrieve the value by using


Here is the sample code for thisenter image description here

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