I'm looking to automate some testing of calls we make to an external service. I've gotten Browsermob-proxy and selenium to play together nicely. I'd now like to monitor the requests as they occur, however I am receiving a ConcurrentModificationException in line 5 of the below loop:

while (!found) {
    har = server.getHar();
    HarLog harLog = har.getLog();
    List<HarEntry> entries = harLog.getEntries();
    for (HarEntry entry : entries) { //Exception occurs on this line
        for (HarNameValuePair queryData : entry.getRequest().getQueryString()) {
            found = (queryData.getName().compareToIgnoreCase("events") == 0)
                 && (queryData.getValue().contains("event5"));
            if (found) {
               //Do some processing & break out

Is this something I should be doing with a HttpRequestInterceptor instead?

A slight modification to the example will allow this code to work:

List<HarEntry> entries = new CopyOnWriteArrayList<HarEntry>(harLog.getEntries());

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I created Issue 39, due to the request made at browsermob-proxy google group.

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