I am writing script using selenium (java). But with Internet Explorer I am not able to Inspect element. Can someone help me its very urgent.

Thanks and regards, Kiran Raghuwanshi

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    why are you trying with IE browser? use Mozilla FF browser add add-ons Firebug and Firepath to find x-path and for inspecting element. If you are trying with IE browser Press f12 button to inspect element. – Bharat Mane Mar 15 '17 at 5:58
  • Can you right-click and inspect? – Michael Durrant Mar 15 '17 at 12:28

Please consider use Firefox browser along with its Firebug plugin, together they will make your job much easier.

P.S. IE is phasing out of the market by Microsoft, why are you using it?

Here, this tutorial is extremely good. Firebug tutorial link


You can inspect/identify element by 2 way -

  1. As suggested by @Yu Zhang, Install Firefox browser plugin like Firebug and Firepath. Press F12 (Function key) to launch firebug/firepath.

  2. Using selenium IDE - By pressing 'Select' or 'Find' button you can also highlight the element.

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