I have a list of li elements wrapped in sub-menu class of HTML, before clicking on any of the li element I wanted to cross check all li elements are present with getText() and length but not sure how to go with length as I don't see any suggestion to go for length.

    WebElement menuList =  driver.findElement(By.id("menu-item-33"));
    List<WebElement>elems = driver.findElements(By.className("sub-menu"));
      for (WebElement ddlList : elems)
        //Something like ddlList.length(); but not able to work upon it.

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    ddlList is an individual element . . . if you just want to know how many you had, you want the length of elems . .
    – ernie
    Commented Mar 21, 2017 at 0:38

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There are two ways/solutions to print num of element.

Solution 1 :

int i=0;
for (WebElement ddlList : elems)
   System.out.println("Element Num "+ i +" is "+ ddlList.getText());
  • Here just increase value of i in each repetition.

Solution 2 :

for (int i=0; i < elems.size(); i++)
   System.out.println("Element Num "+ i +" is " + elems.get(i).getText());
  • Here simple java loop with size() of list.

If you want to print only num of elements then follow below :


I believe you found the answer. But I would like to share this line of code just in case if this could also add to help. This is a C# code

MyTickets = driver.FindElements(By.CssSelector("#support-dashboard-form>div>div.dashboard-container>div")).Count();
    for (int i=2;i<=MyTickets+1;i++)
                string TicketRef = driver.FindElement(By.CssSelector("#support-dashboard-form>div>div.dashboard-container>div:nth-child(" + i + ")>div.column.dashboard-column-icon>div.ticket-ref")).Text;

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