I am using TeamCity to build a .dll containing a test suite for an api.  The api is composed of asynchronous calls to create/read/update/delete values in a database.  The tests in the .dll were created using specflow, xUnit and c#.  Some of my step definitions call the api methods with non-asynchronous code, like so:

public void DoSomething()
    Task.Run(() => client.ApiCall()).Result;

The tests that call the api in this fashion are executed successfully by TeamCity. If however I change the code for that same api call, so that the calling code is asynchronous,

public async Task DoSomething()
 await client.ApiCall();

the build will hang on that test.

Additionally, I have created a separate project, using XUnit but not SpecFlow, and made the same api call with async and await.  This version of the test does not hang the TeamCity build.


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