I can only see methods to retrieve the test cases if they are bind with any plan. (getTestCasesForTestPlan). I want to retrieve all the test cases written by the user before its used in a plan. Basically, I want to track the count of test cases, written by, created at, all such data before hand (before adding to test plan) through testlink API.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Giving answer to my own question. I have written a code to implement my question with the help of @fman.

   * Gets a list of test case id's within a project
   * @param struct $args
   * @param string $args["devKey"]
   * @param int $args["testprojectid"]
   * @return mixed $resultInfo
   * @access public
  public function getProjectTestCases($args){     
   $messagePrefix="(" .__FUNCTION__ . ") - ";

    $checkFunctions = array('authenticate','checkTestProjectID');       

      $testProjectID = $this->args[self::$testProjectIDParamName];
      $info=$this->tprojectMgr->get_all_testcases_id($testProjectID, $tcid = []);
      if( !is_null($info) && count($info) > 0 )
          $info = array_values($info);
      return $info;  
      return $this->errors;

I got some advice from testlink at their forum.

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    Could you please put the key points of your post on the testlink forum into your answer here? That way, if the forum post is ever archived or deleted, the important information will be available here. – Kate Paulk Jun 9 '17 at 11:43

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