I'm writing up some postman tests for a REST API:


I'm curious as to what types of things would come in your head for testing this? the call itself requires one paramater which is an int. So far I've added

  • Valid person, each key pair in the JSON response
  • Response codes/Response times are accurate & respectable
  • Negative ID
  • ID greater than max int
  • Symbols ID
  • String ID
  • Empty ID
  • ID 0
  • Double/decimal ID
  • Response is returned in JSON

I'm looking to make a good quality set of tests to cover as much as possible and learn a thing or two at the same time, so what comes to mind for you when faced with a basic call like this?

Example Response would be:

  "Balance": -1,
  "RoomNumber": "900",
  "DateOfBirth": 504939600000,
  "Deleted": false,
  "Forename": "Simon",
  "PersonNumber": "",
  "Address": "",
  "LanguageID": 2,
  "Password": "pa$$",
  "PeopleID": 60000,
  "Surname": "API",
  "Balance2": -1

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Looks like you've got some of the input checks.

Some thoughts:

  • You mention Postman, so I'm guessing no DB access?
  • The API returns the plaintext password? That seems bonkers
  • beyond the input checks you've listed, I might try an ID I know that exists vs. an ID I know doesn't exist
  • some response checks beyond just a JSON validation would make sense
    • is the DateOfBirth reasonable? Looks like a linux epoch time in ms?
    • are the LanguageID values valid? Guessing that's an ENUM on the server/DB side, so you should be able to figure out what valid values are. Same thing with the RoomNumber.
    • Unclear if Balance and Balance2 should be linked or can be cross-checked?
    • Verify that Deleted is a boolean

If you do have DB access, cross checking the API results vs. a SQL query would make a lot of sense.

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