I am having trouble with this ISTQB practice question. I don't understand how the answer (A) was reached.

Q. 482: Analyze the following highly simplified procedure:

Ask: "What type of ticket do you require, single or return?"
IF the customer wants "return"
    Ask: "What rate, Standard or Cheap-day?"
    IF the customer replies "Cheap-day"
        Say: "That will be "11:20""
        Say: "That will be "19:50""
    Say: "That will be "9:75"

Now decide the minimum number of tests that are needed to ensure that all the questions have been asked, all combinations have occurred and all replies given.

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
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enter image description here

There are 3 paths to be taken in order to achieve 100% statement coverage.

Your question does not have the best format.

Ask Single or Return
    IF the customer wants RETURN
        Ask Standard or Cheap-day
        IF the customer replies Cheap-day
            Say 11:20
            Say 19:50
        Say 9:75 // whatever time this is

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