the requirement is to display the timezone for test execution in PST and change the error label KO to something like Failure. Can anyone please let me know how to achieve the same when creating Jmeter dashboard report.

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  1. To change KO label:

    • Locate ApacheJMeter_core.jar file under "lib/ext" folder of your JMeter installation
    • Open it (as normal ZIP archive)
    • Go to org/apache/jmeter/resources/message.properties
    • Locate the following line:

    • change this OK to whatever you like

  2. To change timezone just change your machine timezone, JMeter will respect it. You might also find the following properties which live in the reportgenerator.properties file (located in JMeter's "bin" folder) useful:



  • I tried the above mentioned steps and was able to change 'KO' appearing in Statistics Table column header, but could not change the 'KO'appearing in PIE Chart. Any idea how to change the 'KO' to 'Failed' appearing in PIE Chart. Commented Jul 25, 2017 at 12:47

@VishvaPradeep To change KO in Pie Chart. Just go to Jmeter\bin\report-template\content\js\dashboard.js.fmkr

Search "KO"

Search Result will be this:

            "label" : "KO",
            "data" : data.KoPercent,
            "color" : "#FF6347"

and Update "KO" with "Failed". From now on it will create new report as "Failed" label in Pie Chart.

For Existing Report, Go to same path and edit dashboard.js and change "KO" to "Failed".

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