My app having six modules for each modules having separate URLs:

1)http://church/wpApp/api.php?mod=gallery&method=get Videos&format=json -- with this URL, I can be done the load test Using JMeter.

My another Sub- category Url having ID-based URL. Here it is possible to apply load test Why because this URL having id this ID based Test only for particular ID.

2) http://felda/wpApp/api.php?mod=posts&method=ratetopost&post_id=510&comment_author_email=t_content=hello&user_id=28. ( "ID=28")--

It is possible to do LOAD test "ID "Based URLs.


Sure, it can be done, just add a HTTP Request sampler and configure it like:

JMeter HTTP User ID

Where this user_id parameter can be:

  • something static, i.e. 28
  • something data-driven, i.e. JMeter Variable originating from CSV Data Set Config like ${userid}
  • something random i.e. between 1 and 100 using __Random() function like ${__Random(1,100)}

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