Hei. I've done some api testing with java using restassured framework, but this doesn't seem to have a good solution for load testing. I would need a recommendation for a tool that could help me with it.

The problem is that the load testing will be done between "users". I have 2 sets of users and I want to create tests where they communicate with each other etc.

Example: 2 sets of users. Each set has 100 users.

Case 1:

  • User1 from set 1 sends a message to User2 from set 2.
  • User2 from set 2 responds to User1 from set 1.
  • User2 will do smth etc.

Basically I need to write load tests where I test the interaction between multiple users. I want to see if the servers can handle alot of interactions going on at the same time.

Restassured sadly doesn't support it and I need and alternative solution which allows me to handle these cases.

  • Try soapUI, it may help.
    – Yu Zhang
    Commented Apr 17, 2017 at 21:19

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Any load testing tool which supports HTTP protocol and parameterization will suit, here is a shortlist:


You can record Case 1: scenario using blazemeter chrome extension that generates .jmx file and imports it into the Jmeter and set your threads to 100 users.

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