We have developed a Windows application using Winforms. Now we are trying to convert it to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) using desktop to appx bridge.

I have to test this app and I'm new to UWP. I know I have to test all the app functions and make sure they work the same way as the original application, but I need to know what to look for that is specific to UWP.

Are there any test scenarios that only happen with UWP, and if there are, how do I test for them?

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I do not believe there specific UWP tests that you need to target in order to get the app you have developed in a good spot for release.

If you are indeed not sure/confident after you have applied your testing phase/s over it, you can also do a limited beta release of it, and target specific groups to get more feedback on it. More on that here


I would consider the following testing scenarios with Universal Windows Platform

  • Different devices. The platform is intended is handle this but you might want to have specific devices and characteristics that you test on or for.

  • API's UWP supports REST APIs so you can perform API testing using the platform

  • Deployment. UWP supports deploying to a number of different devices so you may wish to verify that the deployments are functioning successfully.

  • Debugging deployed apps to make sure you know how to troubleshoot issues when they arise.

In all cases the specific details of exactly what to test depend on your application specifics.

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