In my project I have to build an IPA file ASAP after developer committed the changes to TFS and then I have to test the IPA file which I have built.

To do that I have to build the project by "Ionic Build IOS", then open it using Xcode, and then have to archive.

Only then I can get the IPA file.

Is there a better way to do it?

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I am not going to go into specifics because that is largely dependent on what tools you use. I use the Atlassian suite of products.

We build an IPA file when new code is merged into a specific branch. This is done using Bamboo (although any CI tool should be able to do it) that gets triggered by a BitBucket trigger. The trigger fires off a Bamboo Plan on a Mac Bamboo Agent to do a Git Pull and then Xcode build (via command line). The last step is copying the IPA from the Mac to our network share.


Most if not all developer tool steps have command-line alternatives. There should not be a need to use the actual GUI to build a piece of software.

Research how you can do this with the command line and then you can configure your CI-server todo the same.

Google is full of links on this search query "build ipa file from command line":

or something like "build ipa file from ci":

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