In the context of managing and coordinating iOS and Android platform releases (for native apps):

  1. What platform specific tasks would be included in pre and post release checklists?
  2. What would be different in Pass/Fail criteria for different platform releases?

For different browsers I know you make sure to test in them but they are all served up by the same web server. For native mobile apps I assume there will actually be specific procedures for each platform?


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Platform Specific

For iOS it's the app store.

For Android it's Google play - https://play.google.com/store/apps


Pre-release you might have:

  • a list of common features that must work on each platform
  • a list of specific features that must work on a given platform
  • schedule of downtime for end users
  • People and Technical resources needed to make the release happen and support it afterwards
  • Platform specific testing

Post-release you might have:

  • Monitoring of errors
  • Monitoring of resource usage
  • Additional human help for help lines

Pass/Fail criteria really depends on your business and the product.

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