I'm working on automation test for a big project and I'm using Phpunit for functional test and as a server selenium webdriver.

I want to execute many tests using different browsers, I don't know what's the appropriate configuration to addend my objective, it's in phpunit.xml or in the test class, because in the SetUp() method I can work only with one browser.

This is my SetUp() method

 public function setUp()
    $capabilities = array(\WebDriverCapabilityType::BROWSER_NAME => 'internet explorer');
    $this->webDriver = RemoteWebDriver::create('',$capabilities);

I tried to follow this Link :

But Error is generated , Class Browser Not found

Can anyone help me to resolve this ??

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Solution :

  • Must understand we can not run phpunit tests on multiple browser simultaneously

  • Running test on one browser at a time is only possible option

  • Following snippet is demonstrating default firefox browser for execution

    class myUnitTest extends PHPUnit_Selenium2TestCase {
        try {
           public $browser = getenv("SELENIUM_BROWSER");
        } catch (Exception $e) {
           public $browser = "firefox";
        public function setUp() {

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