Hi I am looking to get Tool tips for this chart - Donut chart. I tried lot of variation to have tool tips but Its look like its coming from JavaScript so I am not able to get it.

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I was able to get it using Chrome's Dev Tools. Here is how:

  1. Right-click on the blue section of the pie chart and select 'Inspect'
  2. Right-click on the highlighted element in the 'Elements' tab of DevTools
  3. Select :hover to apply the hover state
  4. you'll see a new div is added below the SVG, something like *...div class="amcharts-ballon-div"...*
  5. Expand the tree to find the element that contains the text
  6. Right-click on that element and select "Copy" > "Copy Selector"
  7. Test the selector in the Console tab of DevTools by doing document.querySelector("paste_selector_here")

For me, document.querySelector("#chartdiv > div > div.amcharts-chart-div > div > div") returned the element in question.

In a test remember to first do a Hover using the Actions class in the Selenium library.

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