We have an AUT a web application which is in Japanese. We are trying to follow below approach (not sure if it is correct) to get the Japanese label text into English.

Approach (using Selenium):

  • Open webpage.
  • Get labels as we crawl webpage.

  • Send each label to an API (Japanese dictionary) to get it translated in English.

  • Set back the translated English word to label using java script executor.

I have managed to get translated English word for the same japanese label. however , I am stuck for setting it back on webpage. Below is the piece of code in selenium that tries to achieve the same.

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
js.executeScript("window.onload=function()document.getElementById('expiry').textContent='Expiration Date';}");

Here , there are no error messages in eclipse console but same time I am not able to see the English text.


<table class="imui-form" style="width:1050px;">
<div class="imui-chapter-title" style="width:1050px;">
<th style="width:80px;" >
<label id="expiry">有効期限</label>
<td style="width:220px;">
<input type="text" placeholder="" value="2016/08/09"  name="fromdate" id="fromdate" maxlength="" style="width:100px; height:15px;">
<img src="./imart/images/calendar_btn.png" />

<input type="text" placeholder="" value=""  name="todate" id="todate" maxlength="" style="width:100px; height:15px;">
<img src="./imart/images/calendar_btn.png" />

With this, I have 2 queries:

  1. Can anyone guide me if my approach is worth a try or if there is any better approach.
  2. How should I make above java script work via selenium.

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