How to get API response XML values in to variables in Jmeter tool? see bold color values. my plan is to assign those variables in to response assertion > 'pattern to test' for match with DB values(using Jmeter variable which comes in JDBC Response).

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enter image description here enter image description here

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  1. Extract the value from XML using XPath Extractor, the relevant XPath query would be something like //Product/Id/text()

    JMeter XPath Extractor Demo

  2. Once done you will be able to compare 2 JMeter Variables:

    • the one from the XPath Extractor
    • with the one from the JDBC Request sampler

      using Response Assertion configured like:

      • Apply to -> JMeter Variable -> Reference name, used in the XPath Extractor (NB: don't surround the variable with ${}, just put plain text there
      • Pattern Matching Rules: Equals
      • Patterns to Test: variable from the JDBC Request (NB this time you need to surround it with ${}, for example ${ID_1}

        JMeter Response Assertion on Variable


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