In real time project, who provides BDD scenarios (cucumber feature file) to be automated? Is it already provided by the business or QA person has to write it?

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This depends who you let write them. It is not like there is a rule whom should write them.

At least the "Feature:" part of the BDD should be written by a business person as user-story format is from a business perspective. The "Scenario:" examples could be written by others:

  • Product Owner: In Agile teams I think this is a great candidate.
  • QA: BDD Scenarios or Acceptance steps are tests, so letting test-minded people write them makes sense.
  • Developer: If no one else writes them this person could also write them if they want to work test-first.

Personally I would hold Specification by Example workshops and let the team define them together including business people, developers and qa.


Preferrably, the feature files are not provided but are created in a collaborative effect between tester, developer and product owner. Commonly referred as the three amigos concept. See also thoughts on this from the creators of cucumber https://cucumber.io/blog/2014/03/03/the-worlds-most-misunderstood-collaboration-tool

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