Response assertion failure for below assertion with DB? how to fix it?

XML value

enter image description here

DB table

enter image description here

enter image description here

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You need to tick JMeter Variable radiobutton in order to make this work as you expect

JMeter Response Assertion

Your current setup is comparing ${imageurl_1} with the parent sampler response.

See documentation on Response Assertion and How to Use JMeter Assertions in Three Easy Steps guide for more details.

Also be aware that you can check JMeter Variables names and values using Debug Sampler

  • Thanks Dimitri T for reminding me to tick JMeter Variable and see my another requirment in below question.
    – lak
    Commented May 31, 2017 at 5:38

For below details how is it possible to set values for Response assertion? only image URL path saved in DB and need to match with full image URL in XML?

enter image description here

Test failed for these configuration

Assertion failure message: Test failed: variable IMAGEURL expected to equal /

****** received : [[[http://tcc.cad/abc/klj.jpg]]]/abc/klj.jpg

****** comparison: [[[ ]]]/abc/klj.jpg

Test failed for these configuration

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