We have picked multiple existing end-to-end tests to be executed against our production instances, triggered after a new release and daily.

Some of the concerns we have are potential side effects of the smoke test run and interference with the active users during the run.

What are the general guidelines for running smoke tests against production and what issues can we expect to encounter?

Additional Info:

The application under test is a web application (AngularJS-based) in the healthcare insurance space. Tests are written in Protractor/WebDriverJS using Jasmine test framework.

  • Is there any reason to execute tests on production? What is the nature of this software you are testing? E.g. e-commerce, education or etc?
    – Yu Zhang
    Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 3:27
  • @YuZhang sure, added some information into the answer. These smoke tests should contribute to helping us to ensure correct release and release configuration installation, serving as an indication that the most critical parts of the app are behaving in the way we expect them to behave. At the moment, these are basically high-level "view-only" tests - going through the major screens and ensuring they are displaying the data and have all the required "controls". Thanks, good question.
    – alecxe
    Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 3:33
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Just design these after production deployment tests to not interfere with the users. It is not a load-tests and if they are view-only then everything should be alright. If this is the case I cannot come-up with anything real users will have trouble with, unless you system is only build to have 1-2 users at a time, lol.

If you have a continuous deployment model you need to have some automated tests and or checks to verify the application was deployed correctly. These are called post-deploy tests.

Applications with large users bases monitor user behaviours. Checking if users are still loggin in and finishing the major workflows in the application. This could be an alternative to running tests against the environment.


It is very important that our application`s smoke scenario should be run in Production environment.

These are possible ways :

  1. Create your dummy user name , password and healthcare data (which should be test data on client side) So ask for permission to create minimal of such data. After that use it.

  2. Create another database (replica of product env config in another server or domain and check with same build files and with same scripts).

  3. Last which I think is good option, Do not create/add/update/delete any data. Just do fetch operation and verify it is showing perfectly. Like patient details, hospital details etc.

Note : Please take care while using production environment. And ask permission before take any action. Also use only possible scenario of given list.

Hope you get some solutions.

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