enter image description hereI am trying to create an automation script for a website that supports both IWA and SAML authentication. In case of IWA, whenever I hit the URL using the selenium driver, I get a Authentication Required popup. I need to automate this step to login with different credentials and check the website.

I have tried using HttpNtlmAuth but I always get Response 401. Is there a way to achieve this by using only python and selenium?

  • Could you show a screenshot of this authentication popup? Is this the basic HTTP auth popup? – alecxe Jun 9 '17 at 16:10
  • Hi, its not a basic HTTP Popup. I will add a screenshot to the question. – shubh garg Jun 9 '17 at 16:53
  • Thanks, have you tried approaching it by simply navigating to https://username:password@yourdomain.com? – alecxe Jun 9 '17 at 17:00
  • Hi, I did try to approach it by appending the username and password in the URL but it is not working. Thanks – shubh garg Jun 9 '17 at 18:33

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