We run our tests on Jenkins using Protractor generating a JUnit XML test report via JUnitXmlReporter from jasmine-reporters.

Is it possible to attach screenshots, with the current state of an application under test at the time of a failure, to the JUnit XML report and then show these screenshots on the Jenkins test report page?

From what I understand, there is no single existing solution/tool to solve this problem, there are multiple things involved. Would appreciate any pointers.

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I haven't tried it but I remember seeing it in a YouTube video I watched years ago. Kohsuke Kawaguchi's talk Jenkins Selenium Meetup: Kohsuke Kawaguchi on how Jenkins + Selenium = Love at around the 18 minute mark.

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    Nice, very relevant - what I learned from the talk: there is a jenkins plugin which looks for attachment paths in the test outputs. Now, all I need to do is to figure out the easiest way to take a screenshot on a Protractor/Jasmine test failure and write it down to the stdout. I'll post something once I make it work, thanks!
    – alecxe
    Jun 16, 2017 at 1:37

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