I'm using selenium IDE and readCSV command from a CSV file.

Within the file I have Lägg till Värdorder inside a cell. I'm using command storeCellValue and echo the value.

But it looks like this L�gg till V�rdorder

I need it to look like Lägg till Värdorder.


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The � that you see in your CSV file is due to you saving the file in one encoding and reading it in another. Always read/write the files in the correct encoding. You can decide on a particular encoding (UTF-8 should suffice mostly) and then use the same across all of your text editors, IDEs, Selenium IDE & spreadsheet programs. You can achieve this by using 'Reopen with encoding' option that is available in most programs.

Solution: In Selenium IDE options, specify the selected encoding in 'Encoding of test files' field and this should solve your problem.


To read CSV files you can use the Kantu Selenium IDE for Chrome which has a built-in csvRead (= readCSV) command with full unicode support. I use it with Chinese texts with no problems.

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