How to fix Jmeter Assertion Failure when element is not passing in response ex: if element is not passing how to set some something to check this because it is not a actual Failure ? like if else... so on

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If you need to check that your ${OfferSubTitle} JMeter Variable value equals to Not Found (in other words, how to make your current assertion not to fail) you need to use the following Response Assertion configuration:

  • Apply to: JMeter Variable -> OfferSubTitle
  • Pattern Matching Rules: Equals
  • Patterns to Test: Not Found

JMeter Response Assertion Configuration

If your target is different first of all I would recommend validating ${OfferSubTitle} and ${subtitle_1} variables values via Debug Sampler and View Results Tree listener combination.

See How to Debug your Apache JMeter Script article for more information on JMeter test scripts troubleshooting.

  • Thanks for your valuable comments. Finally i have found a answer for this. see my screenshot in answer section.
    – lak
    Jul 5, 2017 at 12:36

answer is given below. hope this will help to others.

enter image description here

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