How can I use jwt libraries in JMeter to decrypt an encrypted token which is received from API response in Jmeter 3.0 script?

  • and @Dmitri T, Can you provide me sample code to decode the authentication token in Jmeter using groovy or any other language. – Vishal G Jan 5 '18 at 8:43
  1. Drop the required libraries somewhere to JMeter Classpath (if you place them in "lib" folder of your JMeter installation it will work)
  2. Restart JMeter to pick them up
  3. Add JSR223 Test Element and using Groovy as a language develop your decryption code
  4. ...?
  5. Profit

Also consider upgrading to JMeter 3.2 (or whatever is the latest version available at the JMeter Downloads page) as the most recent JMeter version have bug fixes, performance improvements and new features.

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