I have a table, which is dynamic (so I can't use strict locator or paths)

<tr class="odd" role="row">
<td class="sorting_1">
<td>12/28/2016 04:13:10</td>
<td class=" checkbox-cell width-to-content">
<div class="checkbox">
<input class="mass-action" name="mass-action" value="" type="checkbox"/>
<span class="checkbox-material">
<span class="check"/>
<tr class="even" role="row">
<tr class="odd" role="row">
<tr class="even" role="row">

I've tried to solve it in two steps, like this:

WebElement row = tableBody.findElement(
WebElement targetEl = row.findElement(By.className("check"));

But this solution is terrible and totally ineffective.

Can anyone suggest some ideas how to make it more effectively?

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Assuming that you want to select the span element with the class check.
You need to search for the tr that contains your text and continue from there.


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