Using Jmeter, how to test performance, for a load of 100 thousand users? I would deeply appreciate any help on this.

I put 100000 users in the thread and give 200000 ramp-up time. Is it working or not?

  1. First of all it is highly unlikely you will be able to spawn 100 000 virtual users using single JMeter instance so most probably you will have to go for Distributed Testing, it means that you will need to get several JMeter Slaves which will be orchestrated by JMeter Master
  2. The number of virtual users which can be simulated from one host varies and depends on many factors, i.e. test nature (hardware specifications, request/response sizes, number of samplers, number of preprocessors/postprocessors/assertions, etc.) so you need to identify how many users you will be able to simulate using JMeter from a single machine. Once you figure that out you will be able to calculate how many JMeter Slaves you need.
  3. Always stick to JMeter Best Practices, i.e.

    • Run your test in non-GUI mode
    • Use only those pre/post processors and assertions which are absolutely required
    • Disable or remove all the Listeners during the test run as they don't add any value and consume a lot of resources.

Assuming all above you should be able to simulate 100 000 users. Just remember one thing: all JMeter Slaves are basically executing the same test plan so you will need to divide the total number of users by the number of JMeter Slaves, examples:

  • 10 JMeter Slaves, each has 10 000 users - you will get 100 000 users
  • 20 JMeter Slaves, each has 5 000 users - you will get 100 000 users
  • etc.

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