Testing an application, for both desktop and mobile, aiming the Chinese market. I need to conduct cross-browser testing on some of the most popular chinese browsers like QQ , 360, UC, Baidu browsers and was wondering if any of the cloud based cross-browser testing tools, like SauceLabs or Browserstack, support these browsers? If not, is there any recommendation on which tool to choose from? P.S: I would still want to continue my cross browser testing on other popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Thanks in advance!!

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From what I see, BrowserStack does not support the browsers you've mentioned, here is a full table of supported systems and browsers.

Same goes for Sauce Labs, here is a full list of what the service supports.

I guess you should explore the option of having your own selenium server with selenium nodes for your desired browsers, assuming these browsers can be automated with selenium - meaning, have available drivers.

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