I want to use two identifiers for the same element and use the first one found. With Java, we have @findAll. Is there any way to that with javascript protractor?

Any function/options or something relative?

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Unfortunately, there are no decorators in JavaScript.

What you can do is to locate multiple elements and then use .first():

var MyPageObject = function () {
    this.multipleElement = element.all(by.css(".someclass"));
    this.firstElement = this.multipleElements.first();

This way, you are not repeating locators and following the DRY principle.


finally I did this easy function:

function locateElement(desktopLocator, mobileLocator)
    var locator = "";
    if(browser.platform === "Desktop") 
        return desktopLocator;
        return mobileLocator;

myProfileTab: locateElement(element(by.tagName('element1')), element(by.tagName('element2')))

It Works perfectly now.

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