I am new to JMeter.I have checked few posts related to this but no luck.

I am trying to login to my web application using JMter. For that, I have configured two HTTP sampler under one thread group. One is to get the login page another is to put parameters. when I run the test plan it does not response homepage. But in View Result Tree "sampler result" tab it shows Response code:200.

It works when I record using HTTP(S) Script Test Recorder. But when I run the same script it does not work.

Note: Did not try Blazemeter chrome extension because application under test works only in Internet Explorer. And tried to play Badboy(Testing software) script, does not work.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Most likely you simply don't have correlation in place, modern web applications widely use dynamic parameters for storing client state, security reasons, etc. so I believe your test should look like:

  • HTTP Get request to Login Page (mimic opening the page in browser)
    • Extract any dynamic parameters
  • HTTP POST request to Login Page (mimic filling all the required fields and hitting "Login" button)

You can just record your test one more time to see what parameters differ, once you figure it out you can use JMeter's Post-Processors in order to extract them from the first response and add to the second request.


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