I have done it using Android studio On android professional site commands are not clearly mentioned There is lot of confusion

Below is the following command:

android create avd -n -t --skin WVGA800

What to set as the targetID and what should be in skin

Moreover how to create the avd with specific API level , Suppose I want to create android 1.5 How to do that?

I know that this is very basic questions but I didnt get any specified answers elsewhere

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I've been working on something similar myself recently, and had similar issues with outdated and unclear instructions. Here's what I got to work for me:

  • To create a new device run avdmanager create avd -n NewEmulator -k "system-images;android_25;google_apis;x86" -d pixel
  • -n is the name of the emulator
  • -k is the system image / API version you want to use
  • -d is the device to create

The above command will create a Pixel called New Emulator running Android 7.1.1 Nougat

The Android Developer documentation helped some, and error messages in the Terminal are pretty verbose. Hope this helps!


Take a look at here

android create avd -n Ev o4G -t 9 -c 8000MB -s 480-800


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