The Project which I am working now require a performance test. So, I preferred JMeter for a load test and started learning one by one.

Now, When I recorded a test and included a CSV file for the dynamic parameter. I see the recorded pages has client id in many HTTP POST data pages. This application passes a JSON data for sending a request so in Body Parameter tab I see JSON type data.

So, added JSON Post Extractor for one HTTP request site passes alphanumeric value (5963948e2f123bd00a27d5cd). However, after I executing the test the page returns an error page.


POST data: {"clientId":"5963948e2f123bd00a27d5cd"} 

Response code: 400
Response message: Bad Request 
Response data: Failed to authenticate Token

can anyone help me on this?

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Add a header manager - try with Content-Type and if it didnt work then try with Accept; remember these for the future - 400 series error - Check the Header file 500 series error - check the data


To get token values:: u need to pass parameters like username, password, grant_type, client_id n client_secret...which will be shared by respective developer of the API...


Most probably you need to add HTTP Header Manager and configure it to to send Content-Type header with the value of application/json

Another reason could be improper work of the JSON Extractor, double check the "token" variable value using Debug Sampler and View Results Tree listener combination.

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