I have learned and implemented JMeter in my current project. Now I want to move to the next level and learn performance testing in depth. I gave an interview for a performance tester role and they asked me about designing performance test strategies, performance tuning and other topics that were Greek to me! How should I proceed and what skill-sets should I learn?

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Performance & Load testing is not a single discipline. Your strategy probably requires other roles like developers, devops, managers and or infrastructure admins. Similar roles are needed for the tuning and re-testing, maybe even just to create proof the applied changes after the first test really have a positive effect.

I mean, does the tester need to know how to change the performance of the database if it is a bottle-neck? Your probably need someone with DBA knowledge. How are you going to plan ahead, so you have the resources you need during the load-testing period.

Learning just the use of a single tool seems a bit underwhelming.

What are the next steps in getting more skills?:

  • First read some books
  • Then read blogs and search for topics and tools to research
  • Experiment with topics you found and blog about it (best way to learn)

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