I’m trying to find a good flow/framework to perform benchmark tests.

I have a video transcoder CLI app which get as an input a video and output a video. I need to write a script which will compare output meta data for a specific Pull Request (for example: size of the video, number of frames,…) with the master branch

Example: assert sizeFeature == sizeMaster

In addition and in the future, I would also need to add a percentage variable to be consider as OK.

Example: assert sizeFeature between sizeMaster*0.9 and sizeMaster*1.1

Is there a testing framework which could help me implement this use case?

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    There are plenty that will work with Jenkins, avoid technology proliferation, your first candidate should be the existing technology stack used by the application. e.g. If Java then JUnit. – Martin Spamer Sep 12 '17 at 11:15

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