I am running some jmeter tests through command line, and in that command I have the statement:

jmeter -n -t /abc.jmx -l /${START.HMS}Results.csv -e -o /${START.HMS}someFolder

which of course outputs the JMeter results into a file that is called "xxxxResults.csv" and its working fine for me.

My question is:

Is there a way in the command line to give a unique name to the test results folder?

Because when I run the above command .csv file is getting generated, but the dashboard is not getting created with the name ${START.HMS} some folder and seeing the following error in command line,

Error generating the report: org.apache.jmeter.report.core.SampleException: Could not locate input sample files!

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Make sure you have report-template folder in the same place where you run JMeter from.

Alternatively you can set location of the folder containing JMeter report templates by amending jmeter.reportgenerator.exporter.html.property.template_dir property, it can be done either in user.properties file or via -J command-line argument.


Also be aware that your operating system doesn't know anything about ${START.HMS} property, you will need to get current timestamp in other way, i.e. using Time command on Windows systems or date command on Linux/Unix/MacOSX

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